Energy Independence is not only possible, it’s an affordable alternative.

Most solar installations of the past few years have been tied to the grid.  This means that the grid acts as your “storage.”  Your system builds credits in the summer and daytime hours which are utilized at night, and in the winter months.  It’s a great solution for most people and most homes, but what if you want to be completely independent?  What if you want to utilize your solar energy to power your home in the event of a power outage?  Battery storage is now more affordable than ever, and it may be the answer you are looking for.

There are many situations where grid-tied solar is not the best option.  It may not fit with your sustainability goals, or it may be prohibitively expensive to run utility power to your property or camp.  In these cases, a fully off-grid solar system or a grid-tied system with a battery back-up can be a great, cost-effective solution.

Battery back-up or fully off-grid?

When it comes to batteries, there are two main ways to integrate them with your home and solar system.

  • Solar powered battery back-up
  • A fully independent off-grid solar battery system


Solar Battery Backup

A battery back-up system serves to replace the need for a generator when the grid goes out, and you need power in your home. In the event of an outage, the system automatically switches to battery power.  The battery is then utilized to power the critical loads of your home like a refrigerator or a well pump.

We have the capability to design a custom battery backup system, or we can help you explore commercially available battery systems.  As an Authorized Tesla Powerwall Installer and Reseller and a sonnenBatterie Dealer, Apex Solar can provide you with options that include the very latest and greatest in battery backup technology.

The SolarEdge optimizer system that we use for our grid-tied installations is fully compatible with batteries as a plug-and-play system.  In fact, the solar edge system was designed in cooperation with Tesla to perfectly operate with the Tesla Powerwall.  Find out more about the equipment we recommend to our customers here.

Interested in finding out more about a grid-tied battery backup? You’ve got nothing to lose and cost-saving clean energy to gain. It all starts with a free consultation.

Off-grid Energy Independence

Apex Solar Power off-grid battery bank.
An Apex Solar battery bank from one of our off-grid installations.

A fully off-grid solar system operates independently of the electrical grid.  Many of our off-grid customers have installed these systems for property that is a bit off the beaten path.  In a situation where you would need to pay $60,000 to run utility poles to your hunting cabin or vacation home, an off-grid system can cut those costs in half and provide you with the security and peace of mind that comes with being fully energy independent.

Apex Solar Power offers a number of off-grid solutions to help our customers achieve independence from the utility company. Whether you need a smaller system for an ultra efficient space that only requires 2,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) a year, or a larger system to power a home requiring 22,000 kWh a year, we have a solution that can power your property.


Off-Grid Components. 

An off-grid system is comprised of a few components:

  • Solar Panels
    Apex Solar Power Off-grid battery controls and inverter.
    The Control Center for an Apex Solar Off-grid system. These components control the electricity produced by your solar panels, and the power used by the property.

    • The solar panels provide the electricity needed to charge the battery bank, and provide power to lights and appliances
  • Batteries
    • Batteries store the electricity produced by the solar panels.  In times when more power is needed than the solar panels are producing (cloudy days and at night) your home draws power from the battery bank.
  • Inverter
    • The inverter is the workhorse of the energy system.  Both solar panels and batteries produce DC (Direct Current) electricity.  Your appliances and lighting needs AC (alternating current) electricity to operate.  The inverter receives DC electricity from the solar panels and battery bank, and outputs usable AC electricity.
  • Charge Controller
    • The charge controller maintains the charge in the battery bank.  When the bank is depleted, it transfers excess electricity produced by your solar panels to charge the batteries.  When the bank is fully charged, it sends a small “trickle-charge” to the battery bank to maintain the charge at optimum efficiency.
  • Controller
    • The controller allows you to see and control the status of the system as a whole.  Monitoring your charge levels and available energy storage helps ensure that you are in control and aware of your energy usage and your reserves.


The Price of an off-grid system varies directly with the amount of electricity needed to suit the needs of our customers.  With our offerings starting at $10,000, off-grid solar is an affordable way to power your property without the need or expense of utility grid interconnection.


Interested in finding out more about off-grid solar solutions? You’ve got nothing to lose and cost-saving clean energy to gain. It all starts with a free consultation.

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