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We are a solar installation company, and that’s it. Our master electricians, apprentices, engineers, technicians, and NABCEP certified installers only work with and focus on solar products. With over 2800 solar systems installed, we have worked with nearly every type of panel and component in the industry. We don’t pick our components based on white-papers and datasheets, we only recommend solar equipment based on real solar systems, making real electricity for real customers.

As a selected installer for 17 community Solarize campaigns and 10 national partners, you could say we know a thing or two about solar equipment. 


Warranties?  We’ve got you covered.

All Apex Solar installations have a 10-year workmanship warranty, in addition to the 25-year panel production warranties that all of our solar panels carry.  This means that you’re covered, and can focus on the benefits your system provides instead of worrying about when it might break down.  Solar PV technology has been around since 1839, way back when the photovoltaic effect was first observed.

An Apex Solar system is super durable, extremely reliable, and we’ve picked our preferred equipment because it is the best stuff out there.  Below is some information about our favorite equipment partners.

If you are someone that wants the best solar panel that the USA has to offer, Stion is the best solution for your home or property.   Stion is one of the few companies that offer a 100% USA made, distributed, and manufactured solar panel.  Apex Solar Power is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Stion Products in the Northeast.  If you are looking for the sleekest and most advanced US-made solar panel available, look no further- Stion is the future of thin-film solar.

Stion’s 700,000+ square foot manufacturing plant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (MS) is one of the largest and most advanced solar manufacturing facilities in the United States. The plant is the first thin-film solar factory in the Southeast US, and its first phase includes 110 megawatts of annual production capacity, which is the equivalent of approximately 25,000 residential solar electric systems. Commercial shipments began in March 2012, just one year after Stion began construction. In all, the factory can accommodate 500+ megawatts of capacity.

Stion’s unwavering focus on technological excellence has attracted a team comprising some of the most experienced and innovative scientists in the industry. They are a recipient of the Department of Energy’s PV Incubator and Sunshot Initiative to continue pilot production and scale-up of ultra high-efficiency thin-film modules based on proprietary tandem junction technology. They have filed over 200 patents (59 allowed / issued) and over 75% of our R&D staff has Ph.D.’s. This ongoing investment in R&D enables Stion to push the boundaries of today’s PV while also creating the next generation of possibilities.

The unique cell architecture leads to higher kWh generation in shade conditions allowing denser deployment. Shading 50% of a Stion module leads to a 50% reduction in power output compared to a 98% output reduction for typical crystalline silicon modules.

The convenient 2 ft X 5.5 ft form factor is approximately 50% larger than most other leading thin-film products. This form factor allows for easy handling and installation, enabling more panels per rack. The design is optimized to provide the maximum amount of power output while providing more design flexibility to better fit unique applications.  The pure black panels create a visual aesthetic that truly compliments and enhances your home.

Trina is the largest manufacturer of solar panels on the planet, and has been voted the most bankable solar panel manufacturer in the world by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and the most sustainably produced solar panels on the planet by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition in 2014 with a score of 92 (SolarWorld scored a 73 by comparison). Some people will say “If it’s not made in the USA, then No Way!” and we are happy to install American-made Solar World or Stion panels for our customers too. However, it may be worth considering that the computer/phone/tablet/TV you’re viewing this on certainly was not made in the USA. Even most of the parts of “All American” Ford Vehicles don’t come from the US! We strive to provide the best solar products available to our customers, and we have experience installing all of the leading manufacturers. We could choose any company to recommend as our standard offering, and we have chosen Trina.

Trina is a 100% vertically integrated company, from the raw ingots of material to the final product, everything is controlled and maintained to the highest standards. Would you expect anything less from the world’s leading panel manufacturer?

The Solar Edge logo in black, white, and red with the words, "Architects of Energy" beneath it

The Inverter is really the critical component of any solar system. Solar panels have no moving parts, and are a very simple, durable, and reliable technology. The inverter however, is the piece that is doing all the work, changing the Direct Current (DC) Electricity to Alternating Current (AC) Electricity that is used in your home and on the grid.

Inverter Technology started out with string inverters. These units tie all the panels together in series, and work very well in unshaded, unobstructed solar arrays. Inverters are easily serviced, as they are off the roof in an easily accessible place. String Inverters typically have a 12-year warranty.

Next, inverters got smaller, and became microinverters. Microinverters put a small inverter on the back of every panel, making the array produce more electricity in partial sunlight. They work well, however the reliability has come into question. Inverters are the most sensitive component of the solar system, and the capacitors that convert the DC electricity to AC electricity work best at cooler temperatures. The solar panels are the hottest point of the system and as a result, high failure rates have been occurring, causing messy product recalls that require an installation crew to remove panels to access the bad parts.

The Future is Now

SolarEdge System - Solar Equipment

This brings us to Solar Edge Optimizers. They achieve the benefits of shading and super high production capabilities of a microinverter, with the ease of service of a string inverter, with a higher reliability than both! Optimizers are fully DC components, and they make the solar panels produce electricity independent of one another. Think about Christmas lights, if one goes out, the rest all stay on.

Because they do not perform the DC to AC conversion on the roof, there are no heat sensitive capacitors on the backs of the panels, and the inverter is located in an easily accessible place should the need arise.


Optimizers mean better production, with better reliability, and panel-level production monitoring is included, AND the entire system can be warrantied for 25 years. Solar Edge has a product that just makes more sense, and we have seen fewer problems with our Solar Edge systems than we have with any other inverter system on the market. If you’re still not sure about optimizers, check out the stock price of Enphase, NASDAQ:ENPH, and Solar Edge NASDAQ: SEDG)

And one more thing: Battery storage is coming, it’s going to be the next big development for residential solar technology. Solar Edge designed their system in conjunction with Tesla and the Powerwall. Home solar battery storage is a simple plug and play integration. With microinverters, you will need to buy more components and suffer more electrical losses as the power goes from DC at the panels, to AC at the microinveter, BACK to DC to charge the batteries, and then BACK to AC for your home. With Solar Edge, it goes from DC on the roof directly to the battery system. The AC conversion only happens once, it’s simple and uncomplicated.

Ultimately, the choice is yours

We can give our recommendations, consult with you about why and talk all about our experience. In the end however, we will install the equipment that you prefer to have on your home. Solar World panels, LG 320 watt super high efficiency panels, even Enphase microinverters.

Interested in finding out more? You’ve got nothing to lose and cost-saving clean energy to gain. It all starts with a free consultation.

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