Apps to Locate EV Chargers 

Whether you are taking your electric vehicle on a road trip or driving it around town, you will to want to know where all of the EV charging stations are along your route. This is why there are apps to locate EV chargers that you can easily download on your phone so you will always be prepared. Check out the ones we have compiled below to find your new travel buddy!


ChargeHub’s interactive map has EV charging stations in both the United States and Canada. They pride themselves on having a continually updating map as users are constantly adding locations to it. The map is easy to use and it has a trip feature to help you find ev charging stations along any route that you take. You can filter the map based on the type of charger, open 24/7, free stations, hotel stations, network, and type of connector. This map is easy to use and constantly being updated.


Chargemap is one of the best apps to locate EV chargers if you are traveling in Europe. While their map does contain EV charging stations around the world it is the most accurate for those located in Europe. The one back draw to using their map is you do need to have a login to interact with it. However, once you have a login you can see pictures of the charging stations, comments about them, and other useful information.


ChargePoint offers an interactive map that shows all of their EV charging stations and other EV charging options as well. With their map you can filter for availability, price, connector type, and network. You can also create a login so you can save and keep track of EV charging stations that you have used or plan on utilizing. Lastly, you can sort charging stations by their distance from you.


Flo is another app that shows all of their EV charging stations and other options as well. The Flo interactive map allows you to filter charging stations by type, network, and availability. Also, when you click on an EV charging station it will show you the fee associated with it. Flo tends to show less “other” options than the ChargePoint map but still has a decent amount to choose from.

Google Maps

Google Maps also has an option for you to search for EV charging stations. You can identify them by the red marker with a white charging station inside of it. It will notate how many chargers there are and some have the pricing on them. The best part about it is that you can use street view to see where the charging station is located. However, be aware that many stations do tend to be missing from this app.

Open Charge Map

Open Charge Map shows EV charging stations in both the United States and globally. You can filter your options by network/operator, usage, status, and connection types. You can also use it to plan a trip and find all of the EV charging stations along the route. When you click on a station you can check in, add photos, and save it. It will also show you the address, network/operator, equipment details, and the data provider for it.


PlugShare is the “leading app for EV drivers” as it has been referred to as a community for EV drivers and is able to guide them to charging stations around the world. Their interactive map is easy to use and allows you to filter by many categories. These include: region, plug type, network, payment required, restricted locations, residential locations, and availability. You can also add a station, plan a trip, and view your recent activity. This app is easy to use and has all you need in one spot.


Tesla also has its own map for where all of their charging stations are located. This app is a must for all Tesla drivers. The map allows you to filter by the type of location that you would like to charge at. The options are: stores and galleries, service centers, superchargers, and destination charging. When you are charging, your Tesla app will notify you when your car is ready to go. Lastly, they have the option to plan a trip and map the EV chargers along the way.


There are so many options to choose from when looking for apps to locate EV chargers. Each of them has something to offer and will allow you to hit the road with confidence! Remember, you can always stop by and charge up at our office along the way.

Do you already drive an electric vehicle? Are you looking to add a charging station to your home or business? Do you want to power it with solar? We can help! You can reach out to us here and we would be happy to help you with any of these projects.