Electric Vehicles & Chargers

No Longer A Rare Sighting

A few years ago, seeing an electric vehicle on the road was a rare sighting. Even more rare than an electric vehicle was an electric vehicle charger. Now they are both common to see on your daily commute. Electric vehicles are growing in popularity because they are becoming more affordable and the range on them is increasing. By 2025, 1 out of every 4 vehicles sold will be electric. Therefore, we need more infrastructure for them to be truly integrated into our society. Luckily, there are already many businesses that have taken the initiative to start installing electric vehicle chargers at their locations. This is beneficial to the business as it draws in more customers and to the EV driver as they can now top off as they are out and about. We have helped many businesses install electric chargers already and see this trend continuing for many years!

Recent Installs

Recently, we had the honor of installing chargers at the Jaguar executive’s homes for their first ever electric vehicle, the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace. It combines everything you love about an electric vehicle with the luxury of a Jaguar. Another exciting install for us was at the Killington Ski Area. They are taking the charge when it comes to EV chargers as they have the largest number of EV chargers of any ski area in North America. This is an exciting time to see the adaption of both electric vehicles and EV chargers.

Ready To Install Your EV Charger?

While we have done installs at a lot of ski areas, resorts, and hotels a lot of businesses can benefit from having EV chargers installed. They are a great addition to restaurants, gyms, apartments, and any type of business that is looking to provide this convenience for their customers and employees. There are many benefits to having one installed at your business including: increased dwell time, attracting high paying and quality customers, and adding another competitive edge over your competition. If you are interested in adding an Ev charger to your business you can learn more about them here or reach out to us today!