Electric Vehicle Charging For Hotels:

Charging Into The Future

Electric vehicle charging for hotels & lodging is taking off! As the EV-driving population increases innovative hotels, including the Marriott and Hilton, have realized the value in catering to EV drivers. They have discovered that EV drivers are ideal customers that bring in additional revenue and repeat business. There is a  growing number of hotels exploring how they can provide EV charging stations, as one of their many state-of-the-art amenities, that make the traveling and lodging experience as effortless as possible for this growing number of high-value guests.

Why Do You Want To Attract EV Drivers?

EV drivers are constantly referred to as high value guests, why is this? This is because 70% of EV drivers have a bachelors or graduate degree. Plus, in 2016, 40% of EV owning households brought in more than $125,000. These are well educated consumers who have a higher than average spending capacity. They are also more likely to be repeat customers. This is because EV drivers like to frequent places where they can charge their vehicles while they dine, shop, and stay.

US EV Industry Insight & Forecast

The number of electric vehicles on the road is increasing and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In 2017, there were 763,000 EV sales and 41 unique models available, which is 28% more than what was sold in 2016. By 2020, estimates show that the United States will reach one million EVs sold. Additionally, the national sales of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) units are expected to reach 500,000 by then. Then by 2023, it is predicted that the number of EV models available will double. This is exciting for all drivers and the options that will be available to them. Lastly, by 2030, 1 out of 4 new cars sold will be electric. These forecasts are exciting to see and as long as the infrastructure is in place the growth of electric vehicles should continue to  increase. Therefore, it would be in the best interest of a hotel to be ready to accommodate these vehicles and their drivers.

Be The Preferred Lodging Destination

We now know that the number of EV drivers is increasing but what other reasons are there for you to want to put in EV charging stations at your hotel? EV charging stations are a competitive edge, they capture indirect revenue, you get to build both corporate reputation and brand loyalty, and it’s a cost efficient customer acquisition.

Gain the competitive edge on your competition that you have been looking for. EV drivers elect to shop, dine, and stay where they can also recharge their cars. EV chargers can literally drive higher occupancy and set you apart from your competition. Therefore, making your business an attractive destination for the growing ranks of EV owners especially when your competition doesn’t offer this great convenience.

You can capture indirect revenue. Having charging stations on site can attract more affluent guests, such as Tesla owners, who will potentially spend more money on room service, at the spa, in the restaurant, and on other hotel extras. It’s an easy opportunity to maximize revenue per occupied room and boost food and beverage revenue even from customers who are simply stopping for a quick recharge.

You will be able to build up your corporate reputation and build brand loyalty. Sustainability has become a defining factor in guest attraction and loyalty in the hospitality industry. Charging stations are a very visible way to demonstrate your commitment to green initiatives and will attract attention even from those who don’t drive electric cars.

EV chargers are a cost effective customer acquisition. Now is the time to install your EV charging equipment. Organizations, like NYSERDA, are making significant investments to deploy EV infrastructure for the future. Incentives such as rebates and tax credits all make now the time to be an early adopter.

NYSERDA EV Charging Rebate Program

EVSE owners may receive a rebate of $4,000 per charging port installed ($8,000 for dual port EVSE) up to $200,000 per calendar year. Applications are accepted until the end of 2021 or until the program runs out of funds, whichever comes first. Electric vehicle charging for hotels can be very cost effective if you are able to take advantage of this program.

Bonus Points!

Make your EV driving hotel guests happy with this additional amenity that won’t cost you much at all, EV charger adapters. These are adapters that can be used to make an EV compatible with a charger when it normally wouldn’t be. Having a few of these behind your welcome desk is a simple convenience to put your customer service over the top. Here are a few adapters that will do the trick and are easy to store.


There are many fantastic reasons as to why electric vehicle charging for hotels is a great idea, especially for yours. Not only will you attract new business and be ahead of your competition but, you will also be eligible to receive funding to help pay for them. If you are ready to learn more or get a quote for EV chargers you can request one here or contact us here.