the process is actually pretty simple.

step 1: absorb sunlight.
A blue and white icon of a house with solar panels on the roof
Solar panels capture the sun’s rays throughout the day.  Panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, with zero moving parts.  They convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.
step 2: convert the energy.
A blue and white icon of a simplified inverter attached to a solar panel
DC electricity is great, but it’s not the type of electricity your utility company uses. That’s where the inverter comes in. Simply stated, the inverter converts DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. That’s the kind you need. This ready-to-use energy then travels to your electrical box where it powers your home or business.
step 3: feed the (net) meter.
A blue and white icon of an electric plug.
What happens when your system produces more electricity than you are using at your property? Simple, it gets sent out to the utility company to power the grid. This energy is tracked meticulously by your solar net meter.
step 4: store energy credits.
A blue and white icon to mark the interconnection stage of your solar installation. The icon shows a simple electric meter.
During the day, panels usually produce more electricity than you need, especially in the sunny summer months. But those energy credits don’t disappear. You’ll use them at night and during the winter when you typically use more energy to power lights and appliances and there is less sun. We size your system to produce the same (or more) amount of electricity in 12 months as you use in your home. The goal is to have your home zero out all its usage, with the production of your solar system. This way, everything balances out.
step 5: go green, save green!
Over a 12-month cycle, you can expect to see your total utility costs reduced by up to 95%. You’ve got nothing to lose and cost-saving clean energy to gain.
It all starts with a free consultation.
Once installed, it only takes an instant to start powering your days using the sun’s rays. Just a flick of the light switch and you’re on your way to saving money the sustainable way.
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With your utility bill in hand and a few spare minutes, you have everything we need to design your perfect system and give you a free quote.


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