Pricing a Solar Power System

Our goal at Apex Solar Power is to provide the best solution for your energy goals.  This includes not only your system size and equipment choices, but also your experience on the path to solar. A big question most customers have when starting out is a simple one:  What is this going to cost?

Pricing a solar system is a relatively simple task, once we have the right information.  There are many factors that go into a solar system’s price:

  • Size of the system (based off your past 12 months of KWH used) 
  • Orientation of the home (perfect south-facing roof requires less solar, thus lower price!)
  • Required home upgrades (service entrance update, rafter reinforcement)
  • Property requirements like trenching or tree removal
  • The equipment selected and preferred by the customer
  • The location – Some areas have a very expensive permit process, while others grant automatic approval.

The base price for a solar system depends on all of the above. At Apex Solar Power, our average base price is between $3.00 and $3.50 per watt of solar. Therefore, a 6,500 watt system would cost between $19,500 and $22,750. Also, with federal and state incentives you can drastically reduce the cost of the system. 

New York State Example: 6500 Watt System

(NYS Tax Credit Caps at $5,000)

$3.00 Per Watt – Total Cost $19,500
NYSERDA $0.35/Watt = $2,275
$17,225 System Financing
30% Federal ITC = $5,850
25% New York State Tax Credit = $4,875
$6,500 Net Cost


$3.50 Per Watt – Total Cost $22,750
NYSERDA $0.35/Watt = $2,275
$20,475 System Financing
30% Federal ITC = $6,825
25% New York State Tax Credit = $5,000 
$8,650 Net Cost


Type of system mounting plays a big part into additional cost for a solar system.

Roof Mounted Solar

Roof Mounted Systems are the most inexpensive option as we are able to utilize the home or building as the structure to hold the panels. We are able to install on asphalt shingle and metal roofs. A true south facing roof with no shade is the best to work with. However, we customize each system to fit your home and energy needs and keep the aesthetic beauty of your home.

A simple blue and orange icon of a tiny house with a solar panel on the roof
Ground Mounted Solar

Ground mounted systems are great solutions for customers who do not have adequate space on their roof for a solar system or the building is not oriented to maximize solar production. The advantage of a ground mount is that it can be oriented perfectly south which allows a smaller system size to be used to cover your energy needs.  

Pole Mounted Solar

A pole mounted system is best used when a traditional ground mount is not an option.  This could be due to the slope of the ground or the shape of the available space. A pole mount is an array of panels mounted atop a pole which is anchored in the ground with a large cement ballast or weight. They offer a higher potential production because they can be manually adjusted for pitch throughout the year and therefore a smaller system size can be utilized to cover your energy needs.

a simple icon in blue and orange of three solar panels mounted on a single pole
Dual Axis Trackers

Apex Solar is an Authorized All-Earth Dual Axis Tracker installer. AllEarth Solar Trackers can produce 45% more energy than a roof mounted system, and up to 30% more production than a fixed ground mounted system.  By tracking the sun and using a motor to turn throughout the day, they produce more electricity because they allow every hour of daylight to hit the panels perfectly square.  They can produce 40% more electricity and you can reduce your system size considerably.

a simple blue and orange icon of a solar array mounted on a tracker that follows the sun

Purchase Financing

We offer a range of financing options to best suit the needs of the various situations that many homeowners and business owners are in.  Many of our customers who choose to finance a solar system, pay a lower monthly solar payment than their old utility bill!  That’s savings from day 1, and a big reason financing a solar system has become so popular.

solar simplified


With your utility bill in hand and a few spare minutes, you have everything we need to design your perfect system and give you a free quote.


Aside from choosing a system (which we will help you do), our team does every ounce of the heavy lifting—from design to installation, from inspection to future service.


We aim to design a system that offsets 100% of your electricity bill. That means more money stays in your pocket.

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