What to do if Your Solar Installer Went Out of Business


Going solar is a great choice for the environment and for your energy bill. However, not all solar companies are able to stay in business for the lifetime of the solar system that they installed for you. Therefore, it can be stressful to determine where you should go if you have questions about your system and your solar installer went out of business. We service all solar systems, whether we installed it or another company did. You can contact us with any questions or concerns about your solar system and we will help you determine if any issues are occurring.

Services & Maintenance We Provide
  • Meter Swap
  • Critter Guard Installation
  • Inverter Troubleshooting
  • Micro Inverter/Optimizer Replacement
  • Module Replacement
  • PV System Removal & Re-Installation
  • Consulting
  • Site Assessment
  • String Inverter Replacement
  • Roof Leak Evaluation
  • Monitoring/Troubleshooting Support
  • PV System Removal
  • Full System Operating Check
  • System Upgrades


One of the many great aspects of solar system’s is that they are low maintenance. Therefore, once it is installed you can produce clean and green energy for years to come without worrying about it. However, if you feel your system isn’t performing where it should be, we can help diagnosis it and get it back to performing at its best. We service all solar systems and you can contact us here with any questions that you have.