Solar Makes Geothermal even better.

Great new options are now available to more efficiently heat and cool your home.


Renewable Energy:  More than just solar and wind. 

It has been exciting to witness the growth and increased adoption of renewables over the last decade.  People are realizing that these options are not only feasible solutions for their home, but they are also affordable.  As a solar energy company, we deal primarily in electricity, its generation, and its storage. The electricity solar generates is used in a home to power the lights, appliances, and even electric cars.  Anything that needs electricity can benefit from the energy produced by solar panels, but the amount of energy needed can vary wildly.

One of the bigger challenges we have faced specifically is addressing the heating and cooling needs of a home with electricity. Heating a home with electricity is expensive, and it requires a huge amount of energy to make things comfortable- especially in the winter season.  In some cases, a home with electric heat would need double the solar capacity installed in order to fully offset the energy demand.  The inevitable result of this is that homeowners with propane or fuel oil keep it- it’s less expensive to maintain what they have than it would be to convert the home to an electric heating system.

A Renewable Solution is right under our feet.

Geothermal heating has been around for a number of years.  Its main hurdle was its expense: a traditional geothermal system installation is very expensive, and the fact that it uses electricity to function only adds to that total cost to the system owner. New technology, however, is changing this reality relatively quickly.  There is a new geothermal company that looks to be an excellent solution for a homeowner who wants to reduce their heating costs AND reduce the carbon footprint for their home.

Solar and Geothermal- The perfect pair.

Dandelion energy is an excellent company who has been doing great work in upstate New York.  Their new Dandelion Air unit is an exciting development in the renewable heating sector- an affordable geothermal heating solution.  Why are we so excited about it here at Apex? Geothermal systems utilize heat pumps to function, and these pumps run on electricity- the perfect compliment to a new or existing solar array.  A net zero home has always been achievable, but it is not always affordable. With this new technology, you can increase your home’s efficiency, significantly reduce your carbon footprint, AND reduce your heating costs.

By the numbers:  

Dandelion recently posted a breakdown of what an average homeowner in New York can expect to spend and save with this new system if purchased outright:

” A Dandelion geothermal system, which provides year-round heating and air conditioning in a single unit, will use just $123 per month, or $1,480 per year in electricity. That’s a savings of $195 per month, or $2,340 per year on heating and cooling a home–roughly 61 percent cheaper than a conventional system.

If paid-outright for $20,000, the system will pay for itself in roughly eight and a half years.”

But Financing is also an option:

“Financing the system means paying nothing upfront, but instead just $135 per month in loan payments. Bundling a monthly loan cost with normal operating costs (above), the system will cost an average of $258 per month, or $3,100 per year to operate.

Compared to an old system (which cost $318 per month to operate), it saves $60 per month, or $720 per year heating and cooling her home–savings of nearly 20 percent. And since financing eliminates the upfront payment, the savings are immediate. “

All in All:

20% is a pretty good value, and with a solar system, the electricity portion is covered, making it an even better deal.  We’re passionate about renewable energy, and solar power. Geothermal heating and cooling systems offer excellent ways to make homes and properties more sustainable, and help to reduce burning fossil fuels.  When coupled with a solar system, you’re harnessing the sun to power your home. Solar and Geothermal are a perfect match, and a sure sign of a bright future.

To read more about Dandelion’s exciting new offering, check out their recent press release Here, and their savings breakdown Here.