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Your solar system is a great addition to your home and lifestyle. It helps you to save on your monthly energy bill and cuts down on your carbon footprint. However, sometimes your energy usage increases after your system is installed. When this occurs, you can have your solar system size increased by adding additional panels. We can help you through this process and determine how many panels you now need to offset the energy use in your home!

Reasons to Expand Your Solar System

There are many reasons as to why you may be looking to expand the size of your solar system. The most common reasons we hear are:
  • New Addition to the Home
  • Installed Hot Tub
  • Installed Pool
  • Bought an Electric Vehicle
  • New Appliances
  • More People in the Home


Factors to Consider

When it comes to expanding your solar system, there are many factors to consider. These factors include:
  • New Energy Needs: This allows us to determine how many additional panels are needed
  • Space Available: Whether panels can be added in the same place or another location on the roof or in the yard 
  • Type of Panels: It is best to use the same panels that are in the original system or ones with similar output 
  • Inverter Capacity: Whether your current inverter can handle the additional panels or if an upgrade or additional inverter will be needed

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