Selected Installer For Solarize Esopus!


Apex Solar Power is excited to announce that we’ve been selected as an installer for the Solarize Esopus program!  Open to any home or business owner in the greater Esopus area, we’re already seeing a ton of interest from people in Kingston, Esopus, and Ulster Park.

Solarize campaigns are like Groupon for solar. You can buy solar at a discounted rate since your community has already negotiated a rate with vetted solar providers. Solarize campaigns focus on:

  • Education
  • Negotiating Rates
  • Selecting Competitive Installers

Educating the community on solar and the benefits of using the sun for power is a large part of a solarize campaign. We want people to be informed about why solar may be the right choice for them and to have all of the facts. At all Solarize Esopus events, you will have the chance to get all of your solar questions answered so you can determine if going solar makes sense for you.

Solarize campaigns are able to negotiate lower rates for solar since it is being purchased at a group level. Which is why it’s similar to when you purchase something on Groupon. What could be better than deciding to go solar and getting it for a discounted rate?

Lastly, solarize campaigns vet a number of solar installers and then pick the most competitive ones to partner with. This allows members in the community who want to purchase solar to save time on researching solar installers. Also, they can be confident in the fact that they will be working with a qualified installer.

To learn more about the Solarize Esopus program you can visit their website or Facebook page. Be on the lookout for their upcoming events. You can also contact us with any questions regarding it!