Your solar project: step by step. 

Our process has been honed by our experience installing a variety of solar power equipment in more than 2800 solar systems.
Here are the steps we take to bring you from the first “Hello” to a fully operational solar system.

A blue and white icon to mark the introduction stage of the solar installation process. The icon shows two hands in the process of shaking hands.

This is one of the most important steps of the process:  Meeting you!  We like to start everything off with an easy conversation about you, your home, and the energy goals you have for your home or property.

We know this is a new technology for many people, and that you probably have a ton of questions to ask; that’s great!  The more questions we can answer for you, the easier it becomes to talk about your system design and all the benefits solar can bring to your home.  We want our customers to understand their solar systems, and the first step on your journey to energy independence starts with talking about what all of it means, and what it can do you for you!

A blue and white icon to mark the site analysis stage of the solar installation process. The image shows a house in the center of an eye.
Site Analysis:

After (and during) our first conversations about your interest in a solar system, we like to take a closer look at your home and/or property.  By analyzing your electrical usage, satellite photos of your property, and then visiting in person, we get all the information we need to create a proposal that is completely customized for you and your needs.

A blue and white icon to mark the proposal stage of the solar installation process. The image shows two hands holding a report with the word Proposal on it.
Solar Proposal:

Our proposal brings everything that we have talked about and looked into together in one place. When we present you with a solar proposal, we are showing you exactly how the costs and cost savings factor into the total price.

We outline:

  • the incentives that are available to you
  • provide details on the total amount of tax credits you may be eligible for
  • outline great financing options that can reduce your costs right away
  • and of course: show you the energy savings your solar system will provide

While other companies use high utility rate escalators of 5% or more, we are always as conservative as possible when we calculate your potential savings and costs.  We want to give you a real-world estimate about how much solar can save you in energy costs, inflating these numbers to make the system look as good as possible might look good today, but what about 2 years from now?  We want life-long solar customers and renewable energy supporters that call to tell us they saved even more than we said they would, not the other way around.

A blue and white icon to mark the technical site visit stage of your solar installation. The icon contains images of a measuring tape, square, and level.
Technical Site Visit:

When you have decided to move forward with our proposal and have selected your equipment, we perform a technical site visit.  This is a detailed analysis that collects the exact measurements of your roof or property, analyzes the total solar availability and any shading on the site, as well as inspects the electrical equipment on site to ensure full compatibility and code compliance needed for the solar installation.

A blue and white icon to indicate the design stage of the going solar process. The icon shows a pencil and graph paper.
Solar System Design:

Next, our system designer takes the measurements and analysis provided by our site Technician and uses this to create your final solar system layout design and electrical 3-line diagram.

Final Contract:

With the final design in hand, our stellar project managers compile the pricing information from the proposal and create a final contract.  This final contract contains every detail, warranty, and solar system component that will be installed.  It is sent out, accompanied by a phone call to review the details of the solar system.  When everything is settled and all questions are answered, we get to move on to making your project a reality!

A blue and white icon to indicate the permits and approvals stage of the going solar. The icon contains a stamp and forms.
Permits and Approvals:

The three things we accomplish to commence your solar installation are:

  • Permission from your municipality to perform the construction
  • Permission from the utility company to pump electricity into the grid
  • Incentive and grant funding to make your solar system even more affordable.

So, with your final contract agreed upon, we apply for a building permit, permission to connect to your utility company’s electrical grid, and apply for any grants or state incentives that are applicable.  When these approvals are returned and granted, we gather the equipment from our inventory and get ready for the big day.

A blue and white icon that marks the stage of going solar when the customer schedules the 1-day solar installation. The image contains a clock over a calendar.
Schedule your 1-Day Install:

This part is pretty straightforward, but we like to accommodate your schedule whenever possible.  Most of our customers like to be home and witness the big day for themselves.  Our installation crews are all safety certified and OSHA compliant, plus they are quite efficient as the majority of our solar systems are installed in just a day.

A blue and white icon to mark the installation stage of the going solar process. The image is of a simple house with solar panels on the roof.
Solar Installation:

Installing the system is quick and easy.  Quiet, clean, and respectful, our install teams pride themselves as professionals who only leave a good impression (and a solar system) behind when they leave.

The installation itself is pretty straightforward.

Roof Mounts

  • First, the installation crew reviews the system design plan and the property. Next, they install the safety harness clips to the roof ridge.
  • Next, the crew installs the flashing and rails on the roof.
  • After the rails are in place, the Solar Edge Optimizers are installed in each location that a panel is going to be placed.
  • The solar panels are then installed on top of the solar edge optimizers.
  • With the solar array in place, The crew installs the inverter, connects the panels to the inverter, and the inverter to the main service panel.
  • After a final site check, the system is test fired and the installation is complete.

Ground mounts

  • The site is inspected and checked to match the system design plans.
  • The ground prep is completed by installing the posts for a traditional array, or a pole for a pole mounted/tracking system.
  • Next, the rail and racking is installed to the posts to complete the frame of the system.
  • With the frame in place, the panels are installed on top, and the inverter is installed.
  • With the system complete, it is interconnected to the grid and tested for power production.
A blue and white icon to mark the final inspections stage of the solar process. The image contains a magnifying glass over an electrical box.
Final Inspections:

When the installation is complete, We can apply for the final inspections.  This process can vary from place to place, but for the most part it involves a municipal inspector to verify the system was installed according to the plans we submitted, and the size matches the size proposed to the utility company.

A blue and white icon that marks the final approval stage of the solar process. The image is of a hand giving the thumbs up.
Final Approvals:

With final inspections complete, we submit the results to the municipality and utility company so that we can acquire final approvals and turn your solar system on.

A blue and white icon to indicate a home making electricity with solar panels.
Make Electricity:

The last, and easiest step of the process-  With your solar system officially approved and activated you can just sit back and watch as it makes electricity and spins your electric meter backwards!

Interested in finding out more? You’ve got nothing to lose and cost-saving clean energy to gain. It all starts with a free consultation.

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