customer testimonials


“The work crew worked together as a team, were efficient, kind and courteous. I am very happy with their professionalism and ability to communicate.”
– Daniel W. Vickery


“The crew was very thoughtful and professional all around the house, while working. They made the neighbors feel comfortable as well.”
– Mike & Jamie Leonard


“Great crew! I would recommend Apex to anyone who wants solar.”
– Michael Farina & Mary


Hard working, friendly, and courteous worker. I would be glad to recommend them to someone.”
– Jerry Shapiro


“All installers were professional, friendly, and approachable. They were helpful and informative, and answered any questions. Good group of people-worked well together.”
– Barbara Jean Govern


“Overall crew was very polite and worked well together. We were very pleased with the level of respect they had and will definitely refer people to Apex Solar.”
-Sean Hogan


“The Apex team arrived in a timely and professional manner to my home. Their pleasant demeanor immediately put me at ease along with their willingness to answer my questions. Each of the workers seemed confident knowing exactly what their job was to produce a highly efficient and safe solar panel system. The staff was organized, with each foreman leading several different teams. One group unpacked and readied solar panels, another prepared equipment for roofing attachments and another worked on the electrical boxes and hook-up. When the leaders of Apex told me they would have the job done by 5:00, needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they could tackle a huge job in just one day. The worksite was kept safe and clean. The leaders solved on the job problems and kept me apprised for their ongoing process. I would highly recommend Apex Solar Power. Hopefully, other companies can take a page out of the Apex model to offer such outstanding customer service and satisfaction.”
– Shawn and Chandra Kapusinsky


“The job site foreman were knowledgeable about their installation and good to be around. They answered all my questions in depth. I am also very happy with the entire crew and astonished at the speed in which they accomplished such a variety of tasks. I am extremely pleased with my choice to go with Apex Solar Power.”
– Pamela Dore


“They are very hard workers, especially in the heat! Thank you.”
– Allison Beaudet


“Everyone was friendly and talked with me, answered questions I had. They were knowledgeable and worked steadily.”
– Bill Bogarski


“Great Crew! From the start, they walked me through the plan and answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. The crew were friendly, fantastic, courteous, and professional.”
– Mike & Kerry Hennessey


They were on time and were courteous. They responded to questions I had. Very professional. They said the install would be a ‘piece of cake’ and it was! Thank you!”
– David Nicholson


“The guys who came to my home were like a well-oiled machine. They were all polite and very nice!”
– Joseph & Gale Pitti


“Great Team! Very easy to work with. Confirmed all actions and decisions and explained them to me in detail.”
– MP Noonan


“Great group of guys! Professional, knowledgeable, and personable!”
– Bruce Jones


“Excellent, Excellent, service! I would highly recommend Apex!”
– Norma Retell


“Awesome crew! I have worked with several contractors in the past. Apex could teach them the right way to do things! Absolutely Great!”
– Carol Loring

solar simplified


With your utility bill in hand and a few spare minutes, you have everything we need to design your perfect system and give you a free quote.


Aside from choosing a system (which we will help you do), our team does every ounce of the heavy lifting—from design to installation, from inspection to future service.


We aim to design a system that offsets 100% of your electricity bill. That means more money stays in your pocket.