How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Winter is coming. That means snow, sweaters, and shorter days. It also means putting on layers and delaying turning on the heat as long as possible to avoid watching your energy bill go up. However, winter doesn’t have to be a dreaded time of the year. There are a few tricks we have learned throughout the years on how to effectively heat your home and by doing so, keeping your heating costs down while staying cozy on the couch.

Staying Warm Tips

These simple tips can keep your house warmer and help you avoid turning the thermostat up:

  • Open your curtains when the sun is shining. This will allow the heat from the sun to come in, and to prevent the heat from escaping close the curtains at night.
  • Move any furniture away from registers or vents that heat your home. The heat will then be able to circulate the room more evenly.
  • After you have finished baking or cooking with your oven, and turned it off, leave it open and let the heat spill into the room. Only do this if it is not a safety concern for any of the residents in your home.
  • Check the filters in your furnace and replace or clean them if necessary for it to perform optimally.
  • Use rugs on hardwood and tile floors. They help to keep your feet warm when walking across them.
  • If you have a fireplace and are not using it, close the flue and the draft. Also, block your fireplace with a fireplace insert to prevent warm air from escaping up it and cold air from coming down it.
  • Use blankets when lounging on the couch to keep warm. You can also snuggle with your pets for extra warmth!

Stop dreading winter and the extra heating costs by following these tips. Do you have your own tips of how to keep your heating costs down in the winter? We would love to hear them! Also, if you are looking to keep your heating costs down even more this winter consider going solar to offset your energy bill. Reach out to us today to learn more!