Apex Solar Power & SolarFi:
Apex Solar Donates Panels to SolarFi’s Work

Apex Solar Power has donated solar panels to SolarFi for their work in Africa. They are bringing solar power to communities that do not have a reliable energy source. The solar panels will be used to power kiosks that can provide refrigeration, phone charging, and internet access. Having solar powered kiosks will bring commerce to these communities and allow them to rely on dirty fuels less and renewable energy more, which will improve quality of life.

Increased Quality of Life

The use of solar energy can increase the quality of life in communities in Africa that are currently using dirty fuels as their energy source. These fuels emit toxic fumes that are hazardous to the environment, and those that breathe them in. The ability to use solar power will lessen the dependence on these fuels. When solar panels produce energy there are no toxic fumes or exhaust emitted. Therefore, the amount of pollution and health problems related to toxic fumes will decrease and the health of the people in these communities will improve.

Also, many people in these communities are walking long distances every day just to charge their phone. This puts a drain on them and their health. However, they need to have a charged phone to be able to access their bank account and make essential purchases. Therefore, having a solar powered kiosk nearby that allows them to safely charge their phone is a huge benefit and relief. Having a local solar power source in these communities creates a reliable energy source and helps to improve the quality of life.

Solar Power Bringing Hope

With the donated panels from Apex Solar Power, SolarFi is closer to helping more communities in Africa utilize solar energy. Solar power will help these communities lead healthier lives and lessen their dependence on dirty fuels. Plus, solar power has a great return on investment for these communities that rely on them, and spend most of their income on it. Solar power is bringing a better quality of life to these communities in Africa.

SolarFi is a New York State 501(C) (3) founded by Antonio Dixon, former founder of SunPowerd, Jerry Shaye, former Director of International Trade Development at New York State, and Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, a former Ghana Ambassador to the United States. The team works closely with RPI, and UMass Amherst to develop innovative solar solutions for people in developing countries. SolarFi’s co-founder, Antonio Dixon stated “With the help of solar, SolarFi & Apex Solar Power can lift a generation out of poverty. We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Apex Solar Power.”

If you would like to learn more about SolarFi you can check them out here. You can also donate to their cause and help bring more solar power to communities in Africa here.