Pika Energy Battery Installation

It was a cold February morning, but that didn’t stop our team from getting the battery bank installed for our customer’s new Pika Energy storage system.

Battery systems are becoming more and more popular, and Pika Energy’s new line of solar battery backup systems are a fantastic way for customers to have a reliable (and renewable!) source of energy in the event they experience a power outage.

(Clockwise from top left)

  • Installing the individual battery units was a breeze.  Each of the 4 batteries stores 2,500 watt-hours of energy.  This bank holds 10,000 watt-hours in total. 
  • Pika Solar systems use a special inverter that powers your home and charges the battery bank from the solar system. 
  • Once the batteries are in, the front cover is installed. 
  • Power on!  The system is now live, and the batteries are taking their first solar-powered charge. 

We are excited to work with Pika and their awesome product, and our customer is thrilled. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog update on Apex News for a time lapse of the installation, and more information about this project.

Interested in your own back-up system?  We have a number of solutions that we can custom tailer to your specific situation.  Give us a call, or request a quote online.