Solar 101: Durability of Solar Panels

What have you heard about the durability of solar panels? There is a lot of information floating around about this topic and solar panels are actually more durable than most people would guess. They are built to last and are composed of glass, metal, and silicon with no moving parts. This is why they have a 25 year warranty and last well beyond that.

Solar panels are also put through vigorous testing to make sure that they can stand up to the demands of Mother Nature and the everyday activities that take place around your home and yard. They are tested against pouring rain, hail, sleet, snow, baseballs, and an enormous amount of weight. The panels come out of these strenuous tests unscathed and still producing power. It’s amazing what solar panels can hold up against!

Solar World Testing

Check out the tests that Solar World puts their panels through. It’s amazing to actually see how hail deflects off of these panels and the weight that they are able to hold. See for yourself in this great video!

Mission Solar Testing

Mission Solar also puts their solar panels through the ringer. They tested their panels against extreme temperature changes, high pressure storms, high humidity, and much more. Check out all the tests they did below!

Solar panels are built to withstand Mother Nature and the rowdy activities in your neighborhood. This is why they have such amazing warranties! Now that you know that solar panels are extremely durable are your ready to make the switch to solar? Get a free quote here or reach out to us here with any questions!