Solar Carport Options

Solar Carports are a great option for a home or business. It provides the benefits of a ground mount with additional advantages. The land underneath the carport can be utilized to park cars, cover a patio, or create a shaded area in a yard. They provide more functionality for your home or business than a traditional ground mount does. There are plenty of solar carport options so you can find the one that fits your needs.

Solar Carport

The solar carport option is available in 1-3 bays and has the most panel options available. It is available from 16-48 panels so you can be sure to offset the power needs of your home or business and offset them with clean and green energy. With this option you get site specific configuration, a fixed tilt slope up to 5 degrees, and an EV charging station is optional.

Timber Frame Carport

The Timber Frame Solar Carport option is a beautiful structure to display your solar panels and protect your vehicle from the elements. It also makes a great patio cover or a gazebo in your yard. It is hand crafted in Vermont with high quality materials and the craftsmanship is stunning. This carport is a beautiful addition to any home and will only enhance the curb appeal of a home.


The Palm Carport

The Palm Carport is an all inclusive package that is available for 2-4 cars. The package includes both the structure and the solar panels. It is made from corrosion proof aluminum and has bifacial solar panels. Optional additions to the Palm Carport include: wifi software integration, EV charger, and LED lights. It is a great option for a carport with some extra perks available.


Are you interested in a solar carport option for your home or business? Reach out to us today and we can help you find the perfect fit for your location!