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Solar Panel Installation Cost 

The reality of switching to solar energy has become more and more attainable over the last few years. Installing solar panels on and/or around your home has become extremely cost effective and enticing. Through the combination of large federal tax credits, state incentives, rebates, financing options, and immediate cash discounts provided by NYSERDA, the cost of solar panel ownership is lower than ever (with payback times averaging just 6-7 years).

In addition, the reduction in the cost of solar install equipment (and the increased awareness of incentives) have made for a fast growing solar installation industry. The proven benefits are also speaking for themselves. “I was here the whole time during installation. The installers were very polite, respectful and courteous. When I first got my electric bill that was normally $250 a month in the summer, it was $17.90 and I said ‘Well! Now this was worth it!” – Mary Scharf – Apex Solar Customer

1000% Installation Growth Since 2011

Over the last six years, the solar panel industry in New York State has sparked $2.8 billion in private investment, and has been responsible for creating 12,000 jobs. The initiative to have 50% of the Empire State’s electricity come from renewable energy sources in another 12 years is becoming a reality.

“Solar is a vital part of this state’s clean energy future and we have experienced unprecedented growth in this new sector,” Governor Cuomo said. “We will continue to support the development of solar, helping to spur economic growth, creating new jobs and helping to build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable New York for all.” Read full article.

The Cost Of Waiting

Solar panel installation incentives will be decreasing, bringing your cost to go solar up by as much as 10%. Every utility bill that you pay now can be a bill that’s being reduced by your solar panel installation. It’s also one month closer that you can be toward the elimination of your electricity bill altogether. The math speaks for itself. The sooner you install solar panels for your home or business, the more you will save, and the sooner you’ll be able to say goodbye to your electric bill. Don’t wait. Take 30 seconds to complete our online quote request, and start becoming energy evolved with Apex Solar Power!