The Future of Home Energy

All Your Energy Under One Roof


With the popularity of smart machines and the “Internet of Things” home integration is already happening for connected appliances. With a growing electric vehicle industry and home battery solutions, an integrated home power station is possible.

First, we gained connectivity through all our devices: Computers, Phones, printers, and media centers. Today, a smart home revolution is underway: You can order groceries right from a “smart speaker” like Google home or amazon echo, and even control the lights and temperature of your home with smart home apps and thermostats.

Electric Vehicles are finally becoming mainstream. Our new Chevy Bolt can drive an astounding 240+ miles on a single charge! The capability of newer EVs to have this kind of range is a huge step forward, and unlocks the potential for longer “greener” trips, without range anxiety. Vehicle technology is certainly improving, but the key lies in improving battery technology.

With better batteries, practical home storage is here. And truly affordable home storage is right around the corner. Imagine if your solar panels were used to charge up a battery bank in your car, and another battery bank in your home.

During the day, instead of producing extra credits for the utility company, your solar energy goes to charging up your home battery bank, and running your home appliances while you take your car out for work or errands.

With Electric vehicle charging stations becoming more prevalent wherever you go, it’s not hard to imagine that your workplace or destination will have a place for you to plug in, and top up your car while you’re out.

In the evening, your home draws its electricity not from the utility company, but from your battery system. It’s even possible to plug your car into the home directly to supplement this storage.

The next day, the cycle repeats. It would be a clean and super efficient way to fully harness your solar panels and achieve full home energy independence.

Every year, we are seeing more and more changes to our daily lives as technologies continue to improve. Solar is an awesome source of power that is 100% free to access, whose technology is already mature. As batteries develop on the same path, it’s not hard to see just how attainable a renewable home can be as an integrated solar powerhouse!